Sunday, February 11, 2007

She knew she needed him.
It was the height of the 95 construction boom in Seattle. Mounds of glass and steel attempting to outdo the gods coming up all around.
The alarm went off at 7:30am. Time to go to work. She tiptoed across the faux wood floor and stood under the shower.. it felt like a thousand needles.. the cold water always reminded her of him.
Amy first laid eyes upon him at the newly constructed penthouse of a prodigous associate. A professional...
Subtlety is an art lost upon many. Amy, however, was a loyal patron. A couple of discrete inquiries was all it took to get his number. She knew what to do.
Like the time before this and the time before that, it took a single phonecall. He was hers. 8:30pm, her flat....

He arrived on time, a rare quality in this capricious world. No pleasantries were exchanged and he went straight to it... Amy smiled to herself.. the anticipation of what was to follow built up.. it had been a while..
He finally emerged from the bathroom.. " The heating duct has been fixed, you should get hot water from the shower now.."