Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Great Caste War

Most historians agree that the seeds of the great caste war were sown in 2010 when the government agreed to capture caste data in the ongoing census.

The results paint a startling picture. 70% of India's population is a scheduled caste/tribe or a backward caste.

The 2014 elections lead to a hung parliament. A lackluster economy and a bad monsoon do the incumbent government in. A coalition of smaller parties led by the Left musters the required majority and a new government is sworn in.

Manihar Yadav, the Home Minister declares that the government has raised the reservation cap to 70% to "ensure equality". Students protests erupt all over India but the government refuses to relent.

The Gorits, a prominent caste in MP block all roads and disrupt railway services in an effort to gain SC status. After a set of lengthy negotiations, the government agrees grant Gorits Special SC status and raises the reservation cap to 72%.

Encouraged by the success of the Gortis, dozens of other groups engage in similar tactics to have quotas allocated to them. By the end of the year, the reservation cap has gone up to 80%.

Anirodh Pandey's party wins the assembly elections in Delhi riding on a wave of popularity generated by promises to win concessions for upper castes. He soon begins agitating for special institutions built only for upper castes, also announces his candidature for the upcoming general elections.

With an eye on the looming elections, the government announces that quotas will now be implemented in private enterprises as well. The industry, already battered by a recession, howls in protest.

Jan, 2018
The government starts printing caste on all documents.

March 2018
A dalit woman is killed in Bandra, Mumbai. The city is engulfed in flames as rioting brakes out. Many accuse the government of deliberately allowing rioters to loot upper caste neighborhoods.

Riots spread to other parts of the country. Caste based mobs pillage the countryside, many castes raise their own private armies to protect interests.

May 2018
The great caste war begins.