Tuesday, May 15, 2007

He called her a billion times.
She never picked up.

He wrote her a million letters.
She burnt them all.

He sent her a thousand bouquets.
They withered away unnoticed.

He sang a hundred songs.. all with her in mind.
She bought earplugs.

He proposed a dozen times.
She set the dogs on him.

He smiled at another girl... just once
She brought hell on Earth..

Makes you wonder.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Chi was an honest cop.. the last of his kind.
Probably stemmed from his beliefs in heaven, and that god would do no wrong to those who had done no wrong.

He joined the force when he was 22, a young lad with strong ideals. However, his acute lack of people skills left him with little chance of climbing the ladder. Twenty years had passed and he was still a patrolman handing out speeding tickets.

One stormy October night roundabout 11pm, a couple of minutes before his shift ended a car sped past him with its headlights out. The speed gun display read 80 km/hr. Probably another bunch of dumb kids...

Chi started up his car, switched on the siren and sped after them. He caught up with the vehicle, a 1990 Civic a couple of miles down the road. He was wrong about the occupants, turned out to be an old lady and her poodle.
The canine, the last vestiges of life ebbing from him seemed to have suffered a paralysis attack. The woman, desperately trying to save the life of her last friend in the living world had set out to find a vetenarian in her almost defunct automobile.

Although rules stipulated so, Chi didnt have the heart to impound the vehicle. The old lady seemed inconsolable and denying her one last chance to save her dog would be cruel. He let her go after she promised to have the lights fixed after the dog had been attended to. He even gave her the number of his neighbour, a skilled vetenarian as his place was nearby.

At the end of another long shift Chi parked the patrolcar at headquaters and started back for home. The jarring ring of his cell phone cut through the silence around him. Twas his wife... sobbing. Their 14 year old daughter had been run over while crossing the road.. she never saw the speeding Civic with the broken headlights..