Saturday, June 17, 2006

The world cup is playing out beaauuuuttiiiiffuuullllyyyy!

Ive dropped out of an internship to watch it, my compatriots think im crazy...BUT ITS FOOTBALL!!!
Feel bad for the africans, play so well but always loose out....

The french and the english as always have their own little competition going... which team can play more unimaginative football... the torpid french vs the insipid english.

Argentina and Spain have been living up to their reputations(to my delight I might add as spain's one of my favourite teams).

Anyone out there wanna bet?

Monday, June 12, 2006

Huge row being going on about reservations these days... my university's union supports it... but if seen on a pan-India scale i'd say they are a minority.

Anyway, people with a lot more to say and a lot more at stake have said a lot so I'll let this be for a while.

Thought for the day: Should rewards be based on effort or results?

Efficiency theorists would probably put results on a pedestal... nothing succeeds like success.
You tried hard, im proud of you.... but you failed so f**k off...

Is that fair?

Many an accomplishment have been achieved on the basis of dumb luck(Shruts hates that term!!)... you pinned the tail on the donkey so you get the prize...

A level playing field is a myth, if someone has an advantage he/she will use it.

Eventually, someone will draw the line, rewards will be based on an amalgamation of results and effort.

I just hope luck isint ruthlessly stamped out..... my education has been heavily dependant upon it...