Monday, June 12, 2006

Huge row being going on about reservations these days... my university's union supports it... but if seen on a pan-India scale i'd say they are a minority.

Anyway, people with a lot more to say and a lot more at stake have said a lot so I'll let this be for a while.

Thought for the day: Should rewards be based on effort or results?

Efficiency theorists would probably put results on a pedestal... nothing succeeds like success.
You tried hard, im proud of you.... but you failed so f**k off...

Is that fair?

Many an accomplishment have been achieved on the basis of dumb luck(Shruts hates that term!!)... you pinned the tail on the donkey so you get the prize...

A level playing field is a myth, if someone has an advantage he/she will use it.

Eventually, someone will draw the line, rewards will be based on an amalgamation of results and effort.

I just hope luck isint ruthlessly stamped out..... my education has been heavily dependant upon it...

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