Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jack saw Jill at a bar, it was love at first sight.

A couple of Jagermeisters later, he finally summoned up the courage to talk to her. She was smart, funny and the only person he had ever met who was also interested in Czech post-modernist art.

They decided to go this lovely place on top of Raising Hill to get a drink.

They were drunk.. it was a blind turn. The truck hit them on the side, sending their car careening off the cliff.

Jack broke 27 bones in his body, doctors refuse to comment on Jill's condition.

And those insensitive ba*tards turned it into a nursery rhyme!


Sunday, February 07, 2010

Chi loved his white wall.

The purest form of love is that with an inanimate object. Doomed from the start and unmoving till the end, it requires extraordinary persistence.

In an effort to please his wall he showered it with embellishments. Expensive paintings, exotic wall fittings and the best paint money could buy. After all, the wall's happiness was worth more to Chi than all the money in the world.

Chi soon learnt that buying inanimate objects as gifts for another inanimate object wasn't going to work. Optimistic as ever, he switched to lavishing praise and lots of attention his white wall.

On the second day of a very wet August, Chi woke up to find that his wall had turned black. Chi's love had turned its back on him.

Chi wandered the earth for years.. lost and aimless. Just when it seemed that all hope was lost and Chi was doomed to a life alone he met the table, in his eyes the most beautiful table in the world. Sparks flew and Chi's heart felt the stirrings of love.

Stranger things have happened.