Friday, August 31, 2012

He lit his pipe after cleaning up the place. The job was immaculate and the least he could do was afford himself this small luxury.

This was the longest job he had undertaken. He wasnt used to working for six straight days but jobs were hard to find these days so when this came up he took it up without any complaints. Now that this was done he could take a day off and spend some quality time with his children.

He had one kid from his first wife and his second one had come with a kid from her previous marriage. Managing kids was never easy but these two were particularly lively, there never was a dull moment when they were around. 

As his wife had to go attend some urgent errands and daycare was closed, he had brought them over to work today. It was against the rules but he just had no other option.

As the day was coming to a close, it was time to find his kids and head back home.

"Hey Adam, Hey Eve.. Time to go!! I better not find you near the apple tree again or I'm grounding you two and taking that snake back to the petting zoo."

And that is how life on Earth came into being.