Saturday, August 04, 2007

35 years had passed...
No one knew him.
No one cared.

With 6 billion sapiens scurrying about, the precious gift called life had become commonplace
He never chose to be born, he was pushed into it.

Chi walked back to the little alcove he called home. He ekked out an existence, trying to feed his wife and children, rarely succeeding.
The grand machinations of Beelzebub or god seemed to have no role for him to play.

Twas Christmas eve, the church looked beautiful...the daily toil left him with little to celebrate.
His family was waiting, today was salary day. A full stomach was guaranteed.
He entered nevertheless.
The dreary aura around him melted away. The choir was in full swing. He sensed joy all around.

Curiously enough, a sense of hope and belonging pervaded his soul. Life wasnt comfortable but it wasnt unjust either. Maybe there was a higher power looking out for them. Things would eventually turn for the better.

Renewed with a sense of purpose and belief he started back home.

Another 20 years passed....
Nothing changed.

Existence without essence.