Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm back!
Had an exam today... didnt go too badly... but not too well either.
All in all I'll pass.....barely.
Wouldve helped to have subrato's(A super-brilliant chap in our class) intellect though.

Went to see a movie after that, Taxi no.9211, a bollywood production 'inspired' by Changing Lanes. It was based on the premise that some among many might go to great lengths to nurse their ego.... that too a fragile one.
Both the primary characters raise hell for each other even though a simple compromise, even a word of apology wouldve sorted things out between them.
Sid raised an interesting point in our post movie discussion, whenever a person backs out of a confrontation, especially a needless one, we deride him.... we never acknowledge the fact that the person actually did quite a sensible thing.
In some situations, we dont even mind hurting our own interests if we can exact our revenge.

Do listen to D12's 'fight music'.... it perfectly encapsulates my point.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Karl Marx would have been proud of me today... I 'struggled' through every 'class'. Was weighed down by a combination of sheer boredom and lack of sleep.... late night champions league games do take their toll.

Topic for today:
What would deem a person as attractive? Dearest shruti, quite an attractive lady herself would deride me if I stated physical parameters.... so lets ignore the obvious and move to the more subtle points.
Would you be attracted to someone who is a mirror image of yourself or would it be a person you have nothing in common with?
Maybe the environment and state of mind in which you happen to meet that person plays an important role.... being drunk can be a major factor.....but since that only lasts for a while so id think something more tangible would be the basis for a relatively longer term attraction.
Power is supposed to be a magnet...the same could probably be said for intelligence.
Could be an undiscovered code written in our genes.
I would probably put it down to a confluence of the factors ive stated above along with millions of others which havent even occured to me.

Junk food for thought.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Its been a while since ive updated our blog... dearest shruti refuses to utilize her enormous talent anymore... I suspect some kind of writers block....

Been wondering what defines right or wrong. All of morality is based on the principles which define these. Since our notion of right and wrong is based on the current societal norms, by being right we are just conforming to those.
Is that fair?
Do we have the right to occupy a moral high ground just because we agree with the majority?
This leads me to the conclusion that no one is in the truest sense ever 'right'.
All we can lay claim to is the fact that we followed the well trodden path.
Have we unknowingly become a bunch of sycophants........


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Attended a class of shruti's favourite teacher yesterday... an intellectual giant who takes the term 'shock and awe' to a new high.
Although I agree with shruti on the fact that she is an excellent teacher who knows her subject inside out, I disagree with her methodology.
In an effort to 'free' our minds and make us see what really happened in colonial India she seeks to tear down any theory even vaguely supportive of British rule.
Some of the reasons she gives border on the ridiculous...
Cant see she, by trying to adopt a blanket approach she is ruining her own credibility.
To win a true convert she needs to show us the light not push us to it...


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A friend asked me a very pertinent question yesterday....... why have we created this blog?
Is it a mouthpiece to propagate an agenda?
Is it a diary?
Has god gifted us with a huge cache of spare time?

Thought about it...

Maybe its our little way of letting the world know what we think about.
Maybe its an attempt to leave something behind to be remembered by.
Maybe shruti and me just like to fight and this is as good a platform as any.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

congratulations on your hostel. an achievement indeed, especially considering the fact that the ones in line were those who have to travel thrice the distance you do in order to attend university.

isnt it strange, we wish people on imporatnt occassions, are polite to them only when they have a purpose to serve. a transaction. u couldn't have put it in a more ludicrous manner.

inherrent also is the assumption that simple labour or an ordinary existence lacks importance and does not command any respect. so by being polite and respectful u obliged the poor guy...left him with no choice but to ensure that your work gets done.

perhaps Dikshant has just toned down what was actually fawning, obsequious beahvior...the subtler bribes we fail to see...


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Praise the lord ive been alloted a hostel!
I slipped past the web of 'red' tape with little difficulty....... the great dean of students 'welfare' office, with many alleged victims credited to its apathy was helpful and actually assisted me in my endavour!

How did I do it?
Simple... I wished the dean clerk on every concievable festival, credited him with an intellect a paper pusher isint likely to possess, praised him and was very very very polite.
Polishing the apple isint my favourite pastime, but it works.
Maybe we could see it as a transaction, I gave him the respect and importance he craves for in his ever so ordinary existence while he processed my application rather quickly in return.
And for this I wish him godspeed.