Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm back!
Had an exam today... didnt go too badly... but not too well either.
All in all I'll pass.....barely.
Wouldve helped to have subrato's(A super-brilliant chap in our class) intellect though.

Went to see a movie after that, Taxi no.9211, a bollywood production 'inspired' by Changing Lanes. It was based on the premise that some among many might go to great lengths to nurse their ego.... that too a fragile one.
Both the primary characters raise hell for each other even though a simple compromise, even a word of apology wouldve sorted things out between them.
Sid raised an interesting point in our post movie discussion, whenever a person backs out of a confrontation, especially a needless one, we deride him.... we never acknowledge the fact that the person actually did quite a sensible thing.
In some situations, we dont even mind hurting our own interests if we can exact our revenge.

Do listen to D12's 'fight music'.... it perfectly encapsulates my point.


indiacorporatewatch said...

comrades how is the bush protest coming up ?

shruti said...

hey..protests are on..i'm sure u've heard bout arundhati roy joinin in...u interested too?