Monday, August 21, 2006

Feel jaded..

Tempted to take up something else now.. call me an apostate but psychology has begun to look a lot more attractive..

For the neophytes, heres a heretical Economics 101...

Compared to economists, tarot card readers are a cheaper alternative with a similar success rate..

There probably isint a single law in economics which can be considered unassailable or is accepted by all..

Remember that thing.. if a thousand monkeys bang away at pianos for a thousand years one of them will come up with the complete works of mozart? Well.. thats how economics works...

Since no controlled environment exists, any 'expert' can get away by placing the blame on exogenous variables..

Good economics doesnt mean a healthier life.. or a happier world.. infact im pretty sure no one knows what it really means!

However, it is one of the few subjects where even the most ludicrous of things can be proven to be correct.. in a paticular context that is... so whatever you do you cant be wrong...


Saturday, August 19, 2006

IMPORTANT: EPL has restarted!!

Now.. moving on to less important things...

JNUSU has been the domain of SFI and AISA(both leftie parties) for a long time.
The other two... ABVP and NSUI barely win anything...
Their election planks almost exclusively pertain to international issues.. the Iraq war.. Palestine.. China..etc.
Infact, there is no way to discern between them on the basis of intra-JNU issues!

Sure.. everybody should have an opinion.. but how on earth does the iraq war feature as the primary issue in a local election!?

We've got enough problems of our own.. solve those first!

Note to union walas/walis: For the love of god stop putting up little posters for the most trivial of things.. it serves no purpose... just litters up the campus!

Monday, August 07, 2006

At the behest of sid, I finally read 'Paradise Lost'.
It's probably the first time Ive read a poem which hasnt been prescribed in a syllabus..

His critical interpretation of god's actions lead me to an interesting question...

If absolute power corrupts... so how can we be sure that god is pure?
Infact, come to think of it, how would we even define pure?

Would he be pure if all his decisions were altruistic in nature?
Would he be pure if he followed a certain code of pre-established ethics?

What if we characterize something as pure only if it is in line with god's will? Is that the answer?