Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Honey I'm home"

Chi had come back home after a 6 month long hiatus. He had bagged a lucrative consulting gig on an oil rig off the coast of Nigeria which had kept him cut-off from the rest of the world. To top it off he couldn't even call back home due to company regulations.
Although Frieda was used to seeing him disappear for extended periods, this was the first time he had been out for 6 months. No matter, Chi reasoned. The assignment was a huge success and he could afford to spend a couple of months at home. A lot needed to be done, right from fixing the perpetually jammed bathroom door to getting a new dishwasher. The recession had extracted a huge toll on Chi's family and this assignment was the break he so desperately needed.

Ironically, he had almost missed the flight the day he left for Nigeria. He had overslept and had to rush out while Frieda was still in the shower, something Frieda was sure to harangue him with. Women have an extraordinary memory when it comes to such stuff.

He could hear the shower running and sneaked up to the bedroom to give his wife a surprise.

The room was damp and there was fungus growing on the hardwood floor. Everything else was just the way it was when he left.

She never made it out of the bathroom. The door chose an inopportune time to misbehave.


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The light flickered.. then died.

Chi was going to be back any minute now. She had to do something.. and fast.

Chi never left her alone for long enough. It was fortuitous that he had run out of nails today and the nearest shop was 30 minutes away.

She had planned it meticulously.

A knife was hidden under the table, just within easy reach. A lighter in her pocket.. just in case.

The dark provided adequate cover. Powercuts were common so Chi wouldnt suspect anything till it was too late.

As if on cue, a car rolled into the driveway. It was time...

At 21:37, on the night of January 5th, Chi entered the room.

"Happy Birthday!", they all screamed in unison.