Saturday, June 16, 2007

First and foremost, I need someone to help explain the term 'analytics' to countless aunties and uncles!

Chi knew he was a marked man.
No one swindled Mr. Black... that was the first rule of this business.
Being 22 does funny things to you, an aura of omnipotence seems to pervade the very core of your being. Its only when you reach 30 do you realise the enormity of this dillusion.

Chi walked in, the usual swagger in place. Three pegs of grey goose and he couldnt remember his address. Two pegs later he couldnt remember his name.

Two men dressed in black suits were watching all this from the counter. The unusual protrusion around their shoulders confirmed their antecedents... Black's men.

Chi was all but dead and he didnt even know it.

This is probaby a good time for an intervention aka Deus Ex Machina... Never happened though..

They walked up to Chi, put two bullets through his chest.. compliments of Mr. Black.