Saturday, July 29, 2006

Twas a rainy day.. my ankle was shot... my sibling had 'accidently' deleted all my games... left with little to do and the crazy prospect of actually having to study to ward of boredom as being advocated by my parents, I began to read a book relegated to the innermost recesses of my bookshelf.

'The Communist Manifesto".

To be honest I didnt even know I had it, must have bought it in a spate of puerile whim when I joined JNU...

I was very impressed.

All the arguments had a stable intellectual bedrock. No effort was made to obfuscate their motives and the bourgeoisie were clearly potrayed as the enemy. The premises were perfectly apposite to the arguments..

I cant say I agree with them but I have to admit that it is a work to behold.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Shruti has gone off to bhopal.... Im up to my neck in excel sheets..... the precious little time saved for introspection along with all that other deep philosophical shit has been lost to football..

'Work' I realised is just a collection of deadlines thrown at you one after the other.... the more you can take the more will be thrown at you... the last one standing after all this gets a promotion.

Now doesnt that sound like fun...
My life is idle no more..... :(

Monday, July 03, 2006

the level of desperation of men in the city of bhopal is apalling...walk out alone and you could be the victim of a fair amount of catcalling, jobless men on their flashy bikes "wanna riding" you, invitations to buy you a cup of coffee and offers to show you around the city...its a woman's nigtmare...!

some might argue that it is the paternal instinct so typical of Indian men to want to take care of what they percieve as the weaker sex. it could be the level of desperation the men in a conservative setup are driven to. i can't help but draw reasons from culturally biased arguments...somehting that my latest read "identity and violence" has forbidden me to do. I'd just like to tell my favorite economist that the generalization has been made on the basis of a substantially large sample size and there isn't any other reason besides the above that occur to me in order to explain such imposing behavior. its just an example of another city perpetuating the Indian male stereotype...