Saturday, July 29, 2006

Twas a rainy day.. my ankle was shot... my sibling had 'accidently' deleted all my games... left with little to do and the crazy prospect of actually having to study to ward of boredom as being advocated by my parents, I began to read a book relegated to the innermost recesses of my bookshelf.

'The Communist Manifesto".

To be honest I didnt even know I had it, must have bought it in a spate of puerile whim when I joined JNU...

I was very impressed.

All the arguments had a stable intellectual bedrock. No effort was made to obfuscate their motives and the bourgeoisie were clearly potrayed as the enemy. The premises were perfectly apposite to the arguments..

I cant say I agree with them but I have to admit that it is a work to behold.



Anonymous said...

Even i used to be really intersted in the Communist philosophy...though couldnt read much...whatever little i knew was from Ayn Rand's novels and some cold-war era novels.
Can u tell the name of the book?


clueless comrades said...

well... get hold of any work by marx and engels... u could also find the communist manifesto online.
Das Capital is a little to voluminous for a dilletante so id suggest you look at his essays.
"Wage, capital and labour' : Marx
"Socialism: Utopian and scientific" : Engels

Ayn Rand is anything but communism!!

Have fun,