Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Next morning Fidel Castro wakes up worried from a nightmare wherein Cuba was heavily mismanaged by sibling Raul. He wonders why there arent any more Guevaras or Santinos who could carry on the legacy that would die with his ailing body...he just sighs as he looks around to find desperate attempts by students littered sparsely across the globe trying to wage his battle on idle blogs...now all thats left is the handshaking with ministers from countries that could have made a difference...

Maybe Pink Floyd will make a newer version of "another brick in the wall" as the United States doesnot give up on trying to educate what it considers its 'lesser' neighbours...perhaps another Vietnam in Latin America..a few more cries...a few more protests...another woodstock...catharsis for a few, pretense for most...

and we'll wake up to yet another examination that will ask us define pareto optimality and prove the correctness of all its ridiculous assumptions...and Dikshant Chopra will jump at this opportunity to tag me leftist and with a newly found contentment will get back to gaming and online socializing...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

One fine morning Adam Smith on his way to the great annual mela held in Kabul was accosted by a group of crips led by Snoop Dog.
Afganistan was quite a lawless place then, not the model of good governance it is now.
Knowing that the situation was grim as he was a prominent memeber of the Bloods, Adam Smith switched on the emergency GPS beacon in his utility belt. The French plutocrats, sworn enemies of all non-productive beings picked up the signal.
Seeing this as an apportunity to strike at the very core of the Crips and take out the one man they were very jealous of, quickly called in an airstrike. However, the French pilots were out on strike to protest against the alleged hike in work hours... "2 hours of work a day is akin to slavery", said the Les' velas.
In sheer desperation they turned to the yankees who readily agreed as they had tons of explosives but no one to bomb.

However, as the french use the metric system while the americans dont, there was a mixup and they bombed Somalia instead...

The people at JNU protested against US hegemony and took out a dozen candlelight marches..

The IMF imposed sanctions on Iran as they believed it was the erstwhile Turkish empire's fault... they shouldve conquered the world and imposed a uniform system of measurement..

Life as usual...


Friday, September 22, 2006

Had an econometrics exam today.. screwed it up... :(


Monday, September 11, 2006

dearest jerboa! i have so much to thank him for...sometimes i wonder whether almost a year of knowing me has helped him understand me better at all...all he seeks is confirmation of his notions and has never removed that filter from his eyes...

not once have i mentioned that i want a corporate job ( i hate doing this defending thingi waise...weakens my stand actually)...my further studies plan is still on...i'm just convinced its not going to be hard core quantitaive economics.

if u're convinced about my greed there's nothing much i can do and i shall not try too hard either...

and oh...a very happy birthday to you d. and for all the avid readers of this blog...idle-lives completes half a century of posts!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

First of all, for dear chowdhary's benefit, I shall use the words "food" and "blonde" atleast a couple of times in this post.


I have turned 22, a doddering old man on whom the vagaries of time have wrecked great havoc. Most people respond with the same old platitude, "Ure as old as u think u are... life starts at 21...etc."
However, come what may, growing old is a scary thought for me..

Moving on, read shruti's last post... my endearing beacon of hope, the sole guiding light cum role model for me when it came to further studies seems to be reconsidering her priorities... the desire for a Phd has been replaced by the yearning for a corporate job..
The filthy bourgeoisie have taken another one of proletariat's most cherished...


Although she has placed the blame on the increasing permeation of mathematics into economics the truth cannot be obfuscated.. "greed"..one of the original sins.. the ecumenical world holds its breath.. will lucifer be victorious or will St. Peter bring her back..
Stay tuned!



Thursday, September 07, 2006

Been lazing around for the last coupla days.. and before that too.

All this idle time has allowed me to examine various schools of thought.

Simple hedonism is too crass...
Nihilism is uninspiring..
The world already has too many sadists..
Aethism might get me into trouble posthumously..

Various beliefs tend to overlap.

Existentialism does hold some appeal... need to gain a better understanding of it though..

If metaphysics was my forte I wouldve chucked my masters and become a philosopher..
Unfortunately, it was just not to be...