Sunday, September 10, 2006

First of all, for dear chowdhary's benefit, I shall use the words "food" and "blonde" atleast a couple of times in this post.


I have turned 22, a doddering old man on whom the vagaries of time have wrecked great havoc. Most people respond with the same old platitude, "Ure as old as u think u are... life starts at 21...etc."
However, come what may, growing old is a scary thought for me..

Moving on, read shruti's last post... my endearing beacon of hope, the sole guiding light cum role model for me when it came to further studies seems to be reconsidering her priorities... the desire for a Phd has been replaced by the yearning for a corporate job..
The filthy bourgeoisie have taken another one of proletariat's most cherished...


Although she has placed the blame on the increasing permeation of mathematics into economics the truth cannot be obfuscated.. "greed" of the original sins.. the ecumenical world holds its breath.. will lucifer be victorious or will St. Peter bring her back..
Stay tuned!




shruti said...

what did she do to deserve this??

u're the one who's been faking it...neither idle nor clueless...

Anonymous said...


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