Thursday, September 07, 2006

Been lazing around for the last coupla days.. and before that too.

All this idle time has allowed me to examine various schools of thought.

Simple hedonism is too crass...
Nihilism is uninspiring..
The world already has too many sadists..
Aethism might get me into trouble posthumously..

Various beliefs tend to overlap.

Existentialism does hold some appeal... need to gain a better understanding of it though..

If metaphysics was my forte I wouldve chucked my masters and become a philosopher..
Unfortunately, it was just not to be...


1 comment:

Smellygator said...

Correction my dear Watson... 'Fortunately', it never is meant to be. Glass is as full as it needs to be.(how goddam profound!)
[Gawd, shameless plugging reaches new level!]