Monday, March 02, 2009

Its been a rough couple on months, been working night and day to:

  1. Help collect money to marry my six sisters in pomp and grandeur.
  2. Save the local orphanage from the evil builder mafia.
  3. Convince the ameer baap of the akeli beti that main uski aukaad ka hun.
  4. Coach the local woman's volley ball team.. World Cup jo aa raha hai.

Chi has gone for a looooooooooooong vacation, the dude deserved it. However, my blog has been languishing without him so thought id try give it a fillip.

Last weekend was spent pursuing a noble cause... An attempt to add favour to cigarettes.

Well, it came to our notice that none of us had come across chocolate flavoured cigarettes in our 24 odd years of existence. The logical extension of that thread of thought led to an hairbrained attempt to create our own.

The next thing I know, we were on our way to Khari Baoli, the largest wholesale bazaar in Delhi. (FYI: Tis a part of Delhi-6).

Now that we were there, we began our search for flavoured tobacco. Three hours and lots of food later(Courtesy a short detour to Jama Masjid), we gave up. Fatboy was tired, C-dot was hungry and it occurred to us that the benefits were limited as most of us(me included) dont smoke.

  • The Hippie suggested we change tack, look for flavours that could be added to normal tobacco
  • C-dot came up with more lame jokes
  • Fatboy was tired and wanted to sleep, naturellement.
Plan B: Add food essence to the cigarettes (Senile R Us).

Experiment 1: Fatboy being designated as our official test pilot (Scape goat) was given a cigarette which smelt like an orange bar... the result was a coughing fit.

Experiment 2: We tried adding it to the filter instead, our reasoning being that it wouldnt burn and there would still be an some flavour... the result was a gagging sound and some epithets being hurtled at our family members.

Experiment 3: Spilling some essence in Hippie's car to make it smell like Peppermint.

20:00 Hours, IST: You could smell us a mile away, a eclectic combination of Orange, Peppermint, Clove and Sandalwood.

We will probably give it another try next week...


Thought for the day-: "Never slap a man who chews tobacco." - Williard Scott