Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tis been a while... the idle component of my life has been lost... temporarily I hope.

Anyway, was having an interesting chat with a friend today.

People at JNU keep howling about worker's rights and the dictums of Marx. Now Marx chronicled history on the basis of class struggles. Each class would try to raise itself above the others in an effort to appropriate a larger share of the pie. Thus, the members of each class would band together and try to further their common cause.
Herein lies the problem, a majority of intellectuals expousing Marx's beliefs here could be characterized as bourgeoisie or atleast petty landowners.. by fighting for the cause of the proletariat they are ignoring their own class..
If a person doesnt work to better the status of his own class but fights for the rights of other classes the fundamental basis of Marx ceases to hold!


Monday, October 09, 2006

1. I wasnt referring to himani's comment

2. This space was meant for healthy discussion and debate. The fact that you use it to try and provoke and irritate me by your insolent remarks just goes to show how 'insecure' YOU are.

3. Your post hardly describes what makes you believe I'm insecure. Just stating the fact and exemplifying it with a practically meaningless example is only weakening your case.

4. I am just itching to write about all your characteristics beginning with the way you dress, talk and act in public which blatantly prove how insecure and superficial you are. I shall however refrain.

Lets not make this a game of mud-slinging. You are very intimidated by me. I am aware. It is usually the case with men who cant handle the fact that there are smarter women out there. Don't try to find solace in the fact that perhaps even I feel insecure and am concocting some sort of defense mechanism. Wake up and smell the coffee...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ahh.. the nebulous shruti...
The capricious lady with a truckload of gray matter...
I agree with h****i, you seem to be insecure and intimidating at the same time... scare others.. scared yourself..

It would be interesting to see if we could provide an insecure person with assurance without actually acknowledging the fact that the person is insecure...
Example: Talentless versace had been doing it for years.. dress up women like high class hookers and charge them the moon... however he has had to use his clothes to garb the actual service.

Is it possible to assuage a person's percieved/actual shortcomings without selling him/her any commodities at all?

A business model to die for..

Sunday, October 01, 2006

what does it mean when soemone tells you that you are insecure about the way other people perceive you? i wonder what behavioral traits, gestures could lead people to believe that.

sometimes a nebulous stageis the best to be in. u're not in a senseless 'i'm out to prove that i'm capable of this...' mode...its just a time to rediscover, change direction and play a new role...