Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tis been a while... the idle component of my life has been lost... temporarily I hope.

Anyway, was having an interesting chat with a friend today.

People at JNU keep howling about worker's rights and the dictums of Marx. Now Marx chronicled history on the basis of class struggles. Each class would try to raise itself above the others in an effort to appropriate a larger share of the pie. Thus, the members of each class would band together and try to further their common cause.
Herein lies the problem, a majority of intellectuals expousing Marx's beliefs here could be characterized as bourgeoisie or atleast petty landowners.. by fighting for the cause of the proletariat they are ignoring their own class..
If a person doesnt work to better the status of his own class but fights for the rights of other classes the fundamental basis of Marx ceases to hold!



Anonymous said...


Have you read about Marx's writings on the 'de'classification of certain sections of the populace.

Also have you read about how place in the "means of production" explains the class any person belongs to?

Can't you see human agency in the form of students de'classi'fying themselves and acting outside their class interest according to Marx's theory of de'classification' in itself?

Read Marx's works thoroughly before barfing logic that you obviously lack.

shruti said...

woohooo! so i dont need to write a post to counter that!! :)