Saturday, August 19, 2006

IMPORTANT: EPL has restarted!!

Now.. moving on to less important things...

JNUSU has been the domain of SFI and AISA(both leftie parties) for a long time.
The other two... ABVP and NSUI barely win anything...
Their election planks almost exclusively pertain to international issues.. the Iraq war.. Palestine.. China..etc.
Infact, there is no way to discern between them on the basis of intra-JNU issues!

Sure.. everybody should have an opinion.. but how on earth does the iraq war feature as the primary issue in a local election!?

We've got enough problems of our own.. solve those first!

Note to union walas/walis: For the love of god stop putting up little posters for the most trivial of things.. it serves no purpose... just litters up the campus!


Sally said...

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Apoplexy said...

I guess you are a wee little out of touch with wht matters to students as issues.and to think that iraq war and other issues doesnt deeply affect us is laughable.
but from your stance, i can predict
1. you are upper middle class economically
2.had english medium education
3. new to jnu

clueless comrades said...

First of all apoplexy, commendable piece of deduction..
Just one thing.. I have been at JNU for about 1.5 years now.. so not that new..

Coming to the point, I beg to differ.
We have loads of problems in jnu.. we havent solved even half of those.. end up focusing on somethin which we cant influence rather than trying to fix what we can.