Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Karl Marx would have been proud of me today... I 'struggled' through every 'class'. Was weighed down by a combination of sheer boredom and lack of sleep.... late night champions league games do take their toll.

Topic for today:
What would deem a person as attractive? Dearest shruti, quite an attractive lady herself would deride me if I stated physical parameters.... so lets ignore the obvious and move to the more subtle points.
Would you be attracted to someone who is a mirror image of yourself or would it be a person you have nothing in common with?
Maybe the environment and state of mind in which you happen to meet that person plays an important role.... being drunk can be a major factor.....but since that only lasts for a while so id think something more tangible would be the basis for a relatively longer term attraction.
Power is supposed to be a magnet...the same could probably be said for intelligence.
Could be an undiscovered code written in our genes.
I would probably put it down to a confluence of the factors ive stated above along with millions of others which havent even occured to me.

Junk food for thought.

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