Saturday, March 04, 2006

My exams are over!
Now it's time to start my research paper!
Isint life a big barrel of monkeys!

Have been staring out of the window for a while, cant seem to come up with something insightful to plug in my paper.

Anyway, the latest avenue for protest in jnu has been the Bush visit. Endless protests, dharnas, eyecatching placards, emotional speeches, ive witnessed it all. Although on a one front I wholeheartedly agree with the point the protestors are trying to make im not sure whether hostility towards Bush is a very bright idea. In my scheme of things, pragmatism always come out tops.
All throughout history we see that the man with the bigger gun is always right, no one is ever found alive who tried to prove otherwise.
India had consistently followed a policy of non-alignment till the late 60's, much to the dismay of the US. Post 60's, India veered to Soviet bloc.... some say because of huge secret transfers into Congress party accounts.... some see it as a natural counterbalance to USA's support to Pakistan.

Fast foward to the 90's, the Soviet Union has collapsed, the world has now become unipolar.

USA now has the bigger gun,
Dear Saddam is on the run,
Oil barons are having all the fun,
What about us..!?


Kismet said...

Well i don't exactly agree with ur comment abt the man with the bigger gun being always right.just because u have a .56 magnum and the other guy has a .25 colt doesn't mean that u defacto win. the colt will kill u just as effectively.

Coming back to the bush visit,USA has a long standing history of taking what it wants and leaving it's allies in the cold.look what it did to Pakistan,phillipines even japan for that matter.There are many of bones of contention over the US visit. the 2 main ones being the nuclear deal and the iran issue.the nuclear deal is something that india needed for quite some time.there is absolutely no point in decrying the nuke deal.the iran issue is a big can of worms.if india supports the US and then the US does another WMD witch hunt on iran like iraq,then heads are gonna's something that india needs to tread a lil carefully into.

as for what abt us,well i think that the era has arrived where economic power is a bigger deterrant than nuclear power.take thomas friedman's ,Golden arches theory of conflict prevention.india's economic power has made people get up and take notice of people watch out for 'india has arrived'.

clueless comrades said...

hey kaalu, nice to see u here.