Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ive been wondering what to do with my life.....

Should I choose to follow the well treaded path, I can:
a)Get a job.
b)Pursue higher studies.

I enjoy the applied portion of economics, real world applications to theories. The arcane, labelled fascinating by many, rarely excites me.
If grades are an indicator of excellence, then the incompetence I display in the statistical portions is legendary.

Maybe I will try to get a job, that is, if anyone is willing to hire me. If I get bored I will come back into the fold of academics.

I admire shruti for that much... she has set herself a goal... and im pretty sure she is gonna get there. A Phd she wants, and god help any poor soul who gets in her way.


Kismet said...

Well dude i know how u feel.I guess you were a lot more certain about what you wanted to do after graduation than you are now about whether you wanna work or study further.I am sure u will be able to land a job somewhere only thing is,is that job description gonna entail something that u are actually interested in?

and well i myself have not experienced it but people say that once you start working then it becomes really difficult to quit and the hit the books.

I guess the only thing that you could do is to see the job as a means and not as an end in itself.Most people who work for a while between studies, do it just to make sure that they actaully enjoy working in the same field that they enjoyed studying so much just gets u more acquainted with the job scene and u also realize what exactly should be the course in which u are gonna do ur further studies.i mean u are already in a masters program so if u do take up further studies you would want that course to land you right where you wanna be in terms of job satisfaction and the monetary emoluments.personally i feel that if you are not sure about whether you want to study further or not then you rather work for a while.

As for shruti well guess it\'s good that she knows exactly what she always puts a lil pressure on you when people around you know exactly what they are gonna be doing and you are still grappling with the uncertaintities of life.

lotta people like to have an assurance attached to every major decision in life.people at times sell them selves short just in order to have some kinda security just like a security blanket.some people don\\\'t mind having a lingering future and hold out until something better comes along,others just don\\\'t wanna let go of one branch until they get a firm hold on the next one.

clueless comrades said...

i love the way u speak of me as if u have me all figured out...all i have said so far is that i'm not averse to doing a phd...

Kismet said...

ok uh.....who was that comment implied towards, me or dik?

clueless comrades said...


clueless comrades said...

hey shruts, sign off at the end of ure post or comment.