Thursday, March 09, 2006

My favourite form of humour has and always will be sarcasm.
My only grouse with it is that its subtle variations are often lost within the confines of the written word.
A verbal duel, with sarcasm at the forefront, often the scene at everyday marital fights is a scene to behold.

The hallmark of a true master is when the true meaning dawns upon everyone except the very person the taunt was aimed at.... that too without the usage of imperfectly distributed information.

A straight face, a tone which never betrays its owner...... stuff legends are made of.


shruti said...

and is maroing a royal ignore your favorite form of grabbing attention..u unforgiving wannabe Ronaldinho!

warning: if the lethal sparks of your repressed anger dont disappear soon then i might consider following the very same tactic...

clueless comrades said...

Watcha talking about girl?
Me.... Ignore YOU!!??


My repressed anger??

shruti said...

wat a waste