Saturday, April 01, 2006

Its been a month since ive tasted chicken...... i feel deprived...

Chicks I can live without but the absence of chicken......... that just plain hurts!

I do feel sorry for the goats too... its their carcasses which hang on the butcher's window a lot more regularly.

I wonder if killing all the chickens is a morally acceptable solution to PETA, havent seen them try any stunts this time around.

My family... all of them vegetarian are oblivious of my misery..... i need a shoulder to cry upon... or atleast a little portion of succulent chicken tikka....

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Kismet said...

Dude i am ashamed of you, how in gods name did you of all people quit eating chicken bcoz of the bird flu cases.uptil now there has not been a single proven case of bird flu in a human being in india and you gave up chicken for a month? A MONTH????? and you also don\\\'t have the additonal choices that beef and mutton offer on your mom called all the way from bahrain and told me not to eat chicken,which i didn\\\'t for a full 3 days,then i said to hell with it,i\\\'m not chathi after all, i mean if nobody else in india has bird flu then what\\\'re the chances that i\\\'ll be the first one?

i mean come to think of it, people who are uninhibited about eating chicken have never had it so good. scared of dropping sales places like KFC and all slashed prices of their chicken buckets by 50%. and no prizes for guessing who had 2 full buckets the very next day? chicken prices have fallen like crazy and well if i had any blood circultaion to my heart or my mind i might feel a lil guilty for enjoying this time of adversity for the chciken sellers and others as well,but unfortunately my constantly overstuffed stomach doesn\\\'t really give much scope for blood circulation.

You do make an interesting point about long as people use animals for testing drugs or cosmetics and all, they are all up in arms about it ,but once it comes down to a choice of either their survival or ours then everybody seems to get their priorities polarized don\\\'t they? i mean on one hand you test drugs on animals to prevent side effects when the same drugs are used by people,now that according to PETA is cruelty to animals but culling lakhs of birds because of suspected cases of bird flu is alright? maybe it is just the fact that the threat posed by bird flu is more immediate ,more life threatening that the PETA people are also quiet about might find another way to test your cosmetics but how else can you prevent the spread of an epidemic?

food for thought??definetely for gods sake go out there NOW and grab a tangdi kabab.