Saturday, October 06, 2007

Twas a moonless night.... the rain too was relentless...

Chi hadnt passed any other car for over an hour.

She swam into view... a mosaic of green and red.

A woman covered in blood lay on the road. Her shawl , green when she bought it had been ripped to shreds. The car, an ancient 800 screeched to a stop, a haunting melody of Morrison emanating out of the radio adding to the melancholy.

One look at the travelbag lying beside her told Chi a lot, Classic Vuitton... she had come from money, the fact that it was still there meant that this was an accident.

Her car, what remained of it confirmed his conjecture. A spanking new Mercedes with its front end plowed into an old oak.

She had lost a lot of blood, immediate medical help was needed.

The lady as if on cue opened her eyes and mouthed a silent plea for help... seemed like the lord had heard her prayer.. an angel had arrived.

Chi bent beside her and helped her sit up. He unstrapped her pendant, pulled off her bracelet, grabbed the travel bag and jogged back to his car.

There she lay, all alone.. the silence broken only by the sob of a dying woman and the pitter patter of rain..



Babushka said...

God! that's horrendous...
wassup with Chi???

Ragini said...

Thank you for your comment on 'Scars'.

Who is this 'Chi'? He figures everywhere.

clueless comrades said...

Chi is gettin back at the world I guess.. one person at a time...

push said...


Anonymous said...

'Chi' is quite a hypocrite. Putting on a name that denotes the natural positive, healing energy of the Universe is originally an altruistic one. However, it seems, out here he seems to be nothing more than a mongrel, an opportunist, a greed-infused, despicable man, riding his cherised 800. The ancient 800 - oh - such an outcry that the author savours the dichotomy between the 800 and the merc. And since Chi is getting back at the world, couldn't he have done so in a more respectable, more commendable way? No, I'm afraid, for that requires a lot of, what one would call, courage, which our dear "Chi" seems to have left behind on the backseat of his 'prized' 800.
Mr.Clueless C, I must, with your kind permission give a description of your invented character/protagonist or should I say Antagonist..
Chi, my friends, is just another scavenger, eating off the dead and decay..often killing those who are gifted more than himself. Surely, Chi is less gifted.
Congratulations, Mr.Clueless.

Yours Truly

shruti said...


see, now it makes perfect sense!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it makes perfect sense, that your response was nothing more than the justifications of a self-imposed intellectual. Did you just pass out of college? You seem pretty juvenile. I was wondering, if you could come up with something better. But, never mind. It was, indeed, humourous. However, it was to this blog that I first commented, and it shows how daft you are since you connected the previous comments, that too in reverse-order. This shows that the little brain that you have work in the similar, reverse gear. The earlier post sounded like a typical nursery rhyme which have, usually, a tragic accident or a silly downfall, as its theme, if you've ever noticed.
Anyway, why waste time educating you. Have a great day. B'bye.
Yours truly.

shruti said...

Mr. Anon,

May, i reiterate, I find you very very funny! I'm sure you're putting your precious time to excellent use by writing lengthy comments on posts people write in a matter of a few minutes. I hope you understand that the purpose of this post was just to amuse.

But of course, daft as you have already proven me to be, my opinion probably doesn't even count.

Oh and btw, about the nursery rhymes- people seem to have generalized that all nursery rhymes end tragically on the basis of a few such as "ring of roses" (on black death) and "round and round the mulberry bush". A fact often quoted by those desperately trying to earn their ticket into the "class of intellectuals". You might want to illuminate me further on this (or maybe not, "waste of time" I forgot!).

To tell you the truth, you do seem rather intelligent. Why don't you try and make better use of your potential by getting an education? Or reading something more useful. Aah, maybe you don't have too many friends and provocative comments on posts get you some attention! But I guess dolts arent even allowed to psycho-analyze.

I have indeed had a great day!


abhirup said...

I second shruti on this. A few points from my side-

1. Chi is an opportunist. He is unscrupulous. But his actions do not necessarily mean that he is killing off the more talented (as you suggest). Since when did class position suggest merit? Better check your intellectual credentials first.

2. You speak about courage. Courage is often an easy word for us armchair people to say. Do you even know the circumstances of Chi? only the author perhaps has an approximation.

3. Characters can be of many kinds. They need not reflect the virtues of the author.



Anonymous said...

Dearest Abhirup,
You seem to have overlooked a grave point out here. Nowhere have I equated the character Chi with the author's life. I don't know the author, neither do I intend to. You seem to be getting defensive about the fact that Chi does not represent the Author or his qualities/vices..I wonder why. Maybe you need to be convinced about it more than me.
Second, you're right that courage is not something dictated by armchair critics, and I don't intend to be one. To me, however, the hypocricy of it all becomes obvious. I'll tell you why.

Chi drives a maruti 800. Surely, he's not pushing his car, he was driving it. Therefore, his car had gas. He doesn't seem to be neck-deep in penury, for surely he would've sold off his car. However, he acts like a scavenger, taking off valuables off the dead. As if he's a beggar. Or is he a beggar in disguise? I don't know what your author intends to portray, but when he mentioned that he's getting back at the world, it seemed that that's something a person who has been wronged would do. And such a person would not be on the wrong side of things, at least conscientiously speaking. However, if Chi is suffering from Kleptomania, it can be understood.
Anyway, I can sense that the writers' of this blog, can't take criticism with a pinch of salt, so it makes no sense for me to add on.
About intellectual credentials, mine are completely nil. I must praise you to be able to detect that. Absolutely praiseworthy. You're the man.

Anyhow, time is more precious than gold. Can't idle away my time anymore. Might not be around to respond to your insightful comments.

abhirup said...

Hi Anonymous,

I can place your arguments cohesively now. As for our intolerance of your criticism, let's just say we are friends of the author and felt a natural urge to defend him. But please do not stop writing. It's at least a change from the usual back-slapping we come up with. A detached critique has it's virtue.