Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chi had waited for this day for twenty years.

The train grinded to a halt in Lucknow. "Just three hours late, not bad at all" thought Chi.

The city held memories for him.. bad memories. It was time to finally lay them to rest.

Born and brought up in a small village just outside Orai, he moved to Lucknow with his parents thirty years ago to pursue the Indian dream- Survive, Survive, Survive.

The local boys never accepted him. Wherever he went, he was greeted with jeers and brickbats.
"Your family is from a lower caste, you are destined to be a jamaadaar".

It was time to show those boys how wrong they were. It cost him twenty years of hard work and toil but it was worth it. The jamaadaar was now a king.

He finally reached his old neighbourhood..

No one remembered him, no one cared.



- Ubiquitous - said...

Reminds me of New Kid in Town by Eagles.

Babushka said...

wow... see this is why holding resentments is so so bad!

On a brighter note, I think the time is fast approaching for you to pen down your "Chi Series" - I will be your 1st buyer!

blinded blue teddy said...

" pursue the Indian dream- Survive, Survive, Survive."

clueless comrades said...

Push~ Thx!