Monday, May 15, 2006

Things ive learnt about italy in general and italians in paticular. I apoligise for my shockingly narrow vision regarding the environmnet around me:

-They love talking! Ask them a question and they'll give you a billion answers.

-Crazy drivers, all of them!! From the bus wallahs to the scooters... all of them drive like there's no tomorrow.... at the speeds theyre going there will be no tomorrow.

-People grow progressively shorter as you move south.

-Their pizzas are a class apart!! A crude description... like roomali rotis with tomatoes and cheese...
P.S. Pizzas are sold according to weight.


-Sunglasses are a national obsession, you can see people wearing them at night!!

- They make crappy cars are beeeeaaauuuutttiiffuuul bikes.

- Venice is something like a flooded version of chandni chowk without the requisite number of people we are used to seeing here... closely resembles an urban ghetto... However there's something about it... its beauty gets to you in a subtle sorta way... id have to say it was easily the best this country had to offer.

-The copious amounts of cheese they eat!!! Everything has loads of it!! Its a wonder they dont drop dead of heart attacks.


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