Thursday, December 07, 2006

Exams over! :)

Now that I have some time to myself I shall write on a topic which deserves a lot more attention than it currently gets... SHRUTI'S CHEEKS!

Inherited from her father, they can be used to accurately gauge her mood at any point of time.

Colour key-
Red: Embarrassed
Crimson: Angry
Pink: Happy
White: No idea, never seen them that way
Black: Her mascara's running!
Green: She's a martian!
Yellow: Probably jaundice

Extremely pullable(Dunno if thats a word) too....



shruti said...


u're becoming quite alikeable thing these days....just make it last! :)

Siddharth Chowdhary said...

i do have to appreciate dixants sense of hunour once in a while.

P.S - lots of ppl in our class wud have a lot to say on this topic. spread awareness.

Anonymous said...

can't stop laughing.good work dikshant. every word of ur blog is true. and the surprising thing is that shruti seems to like it too (i expected her to get angry). hehe.


shruti said...

why would i have any objections with such a sweet post, sardarni?!

my fav part is "black: her mascara's running!" ;)

shruti said...

objections *to*

Ragini said...

I think all you both need now are swords ;)

Ragini said...

Not to forget, a pair of rattles too :)