Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oasis playing in the background... She's Electric..

Interesting development... one of my bestest friends fell for another bestest friend...

I'll have one lesser wedding to attend
Will get away with one wedding present
My position gets elevated cause im the only impartial judge around
I can rip on two friends simultaneously
Wont have to adjust to obnoxious girl/boyfriends who couldve popped up in the future
I asked one of her female friends out so I guess the score's level now.

Who do I hang out with when they wanna get romantic?
If i piss one off the other one's sore too.
I'll always have to knock before entering his hostel room now.
He'll probably have her listening to megadeth before 2007 ends.


P.S. Im really happy for them!!


shruti said...


btw...this new development might ruin my plan fifteen years from now...but u know what...i cdnt be happier! :)

Anonymous said...

u guys r terribly sweet!:)


Ragini said...

Welllll....I didn't see this coming, so it'll still take me time to digest what is transpiring currently. But I'm on top of the world when I think about the two happy sparrows on the branch ;) D, you're a bad witty boy, but what the heck, I'm crazy about you! You'll get used to the lovebirds pretty soon just as P's got used to us!