Friday, January 19, 2007

Still cant Shes Electric outta my head...

Second week, fourth semester, six subjects, frigid weather, a bad ankle(Overenthusiastic sliding tackle), just back from ranikhet.. might head off to jaisalmer soon, Just been given a huge cache of bitter chocolates etc.

A socio professor asked us a question recently.. Why do we have children?

My reply: Its the means not the end! (Not appreciated from an academic viewpoint)

He attributed it to a complex confluence of variegated factors both endogenous as well as exogenous to the couple. (Why o why did I take up economics!? This is SO MUCH MORE FUN!!)
He went further on to blame us economists.. We reduce everything to its percieved marginal return(INHUMAN!)

P.S. Can any regression equation used to determine number of offspring suffer from homoscedasticity(Pun intended) ;)

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