Saturday, April 07, 2007

Life had been a bitch to him. But he had made it.

There stood Chi.

Born to the mistress of a small zamindar with big aspirations, Chi was abandoned at the age of two. The father in an effort to cover up his past indiscretions had Chi's mum extirpated and him packed off to the nearest orphanage. 15 years of abuse would have wiped out the bravest of souls... Chi survived.. Infact Id daresay he thrived... Twas the magic of hope...
Chi nursed the dream of a better place, parsecs away from the hell he was living in. He worked towards it. The day belonged to the owner of the tea stall, but the night was devoted to the pursuit of knowledge. He laboured day in and day out to ekk out a living and support his little endavour. He was 9 when an accident at the stall cost him his right hand... so he learnt how to write with his left.
15 years of hard work finally paid off. A sterling result in the field of academics got him a full scholarship with a prestigious university. The last day of his first life melted into the first day of his last.
He waited at the station. The train approached slowly, lade with the dreams and aspirations of a boy who never gave up. He rushed towards it, never noticing the vendor approaching from the other direction. The impact threw him off the platform onto the rails...
He died.



Babushka said...

oh my god.

Anonymous said...

What were you thinking about when you wrote this? it leaves one with a sinking feeling-to have tried and lost. To have fate conspiring against you.
Good expression.

Anonymous said...

forgot to add:

Remarkable development! thought life was just about football and little hill station outings.

clueless comrades said...

Anon~ I'll take that as a compliment.
Babs~ I know.. lifes a bitch..


Anonymous said...

i expected only this from you.

P.S. well written.
start writing a novel. :)