Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The ripper had struck again.
The newest victim was a five year old diabetic girl. A Blood stained blazer along with her ID card were found in the service lane behind the school. The toll had reached twenty.

The bodies of the victims were never found... the cops were clueless and the city was a state of panic.

Ria lived with her mother in an apartment on the 4th storey of Sunset Heights. Her father, a successful stockbroker had abandoned them when she was 18 never to be seen again. Rumour has it that he fled to South Africa fearing a possible indictment under the Harshad Mehta scam. However, he left his bank accounts and property untouched. Enough for a comfortable life in the material sense.

The grandfather clock in the living room struck 8. Time for dinner. Being a school teacher instilled within Ria a strong sense of discipline with regards to time. Never the one to arrive late.

The aroma was luverly. Twas biryani. In the eyes of Ria her mother, a sweet gentle soul touching 60 was probably the greatest cook in the world.

The sybarite within her took over and she attacked the food with glee. Halfway through her meal she bit into something mettallic. It was a dogtag with the words 'Tamanna, Type I diabetic' neatly printed upon it....

" Maa, you havent cleaned up the body properly! I told you, always take any ornaments off before you put it out to cook. "



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Wow!I must say that the father being a loser runs away from the family and still leaves them intact with happiness.Nd didnt the accounts be frozen by the cops for the scam?It seems like a sad scenario from an upcoming C-grade bollywood horror flick!Nd yeah,I can tell the cannibals some decent places to enjoy better food..Gud write though: S-Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Seems the soap bubble has finally burst!The mind has broken its shackles!And maybe life has become more meaningful than inconsequential coffee chats : S-Anonymous

clueless comrades said...
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clueless comrades said...

Anon~ Was actually supposed to be somethin between a parody and tales from the crypt.



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what kind of stuff are u writing these days? i shd have expected the end though. eeeeeeekkkkkkkssssss
i hate it.