Saturday, April 18, 2009

A story inspired by "You know who".

Chi was a bug. On the morning of July 3, he woke up as a human.

Like the millions of bugs around him, he lived a rather bugging life. His ancestral home, a hole under a tree in America housed Chi, Frieda(His wife) and their four thousand kids.

Everything seemed.... different.

"What have you done to yourself? What will become of us now that you have become a disgusting human." cried Frieda.

The elders, a group of 268 bugs summoned Chi to their castle in a bid to resolve the matter. "Are you Chi?" they asked. Chi answered, " Cant you see, has this metamorphosis blinded you to what lies beneath? I have worked with you all, lived with you all!".

Elders - "You are obviously an impostor. Chi was a bug, he is a bug, will always be a bug. You are a human who is trying to take his place. We bugs might be small but we are not stupid. Tell us who you work for and why are you trying to take Chi's place".

Try as he might, the elders refused to believe him. The trial was suspended and he was cast out of the gathering. He trudged back home to a morose Frieda.

"This is all your fault... You never thought about us once before turning into a human"

In anger he looked up to the heavens and cried out, " Why me god? Why play this joke on an insignificant bug?"

A booming voice replied, " Dunno.. I was kinda drunk last night"



Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

This is blasphemy and sacrilege...Gods who get drunk. You will surely be recieving some death threats...on second thoughts, though, since the story does not actually identify a religion, you might just scrape through.
BTW, this perhaps explains some old mysteries like Shilpa Shetty overnight nose-change.

Babushka said...

I like. As ludicrous as it may be, it was an interesting piece to have read.

Lol to the tail-end of Sujoy's comment - that also I like. Adding Karisma Kapoor to the bandwagon too.

Interesting indeed.

Avaran said...

OH MY GOSH... that was downright hilarious .... good one...

Sid said...

Brilliant man :-)

Knowing you, I thought you wud throw in some "Existentialist Angst", "Kierkagaardian leap of faith", "kafkaesque Despair","Kunderaesque pathos" etc. into the joke.

Anonymous said...

The (angry)music, the no alcohol all makes sense now :) The blog makes for a good read.

clueless comrades said...

Sujoy~ :)

Sid~ Wasnt the play on metamorphosis enough?

Ritika/Sameera~ Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You’re welcome :)