Friday, April 03, 2009


We finally got down to completing what we started, a quest to create flavoured cancer-sticks.
After our rather disastrous attempts to flavour tobacco(refer to previous post), we decided to adopt a different paradigm. Rather than flavour tobacco, we got hold of flavoured rolling paper!

A pouch of Golden Virginia stuffed into Jamacian Rum flavoured paper... smelt luverly when unburnt. At times like this I wish that ciggarettes didnt:
  • Cause Cancer
  • Leave you smelly
  • Give you such a fleeting rush
- Till such things happen I shall remain a non-smoker(Also, wannabe teetotaller).

On a different note, my school friends were back in Delhi for a brief chutti (Yay!). Met up at Cocoa, a place at Shitty Wok. Ok place, but the waiters khao more bhaav than a hot chick at an engineering college. Decided to stick to my resolution of no hard drinks, so ordered wine.. well.. who ever got wiped out by wine, right?

A coupla bottles later (Courtesy, well paid corporate honchos/best buddies) we were well on our way to La-La land...

New resolution: Only ice tea.


P.S. Off to Mcleod next week! :)


Abhay said...

Hey good to know you still around... Haven't been here in a while

So your course in JNU must
be over ?

What you doing now ?

Avaran said...

mcleod ganj? my friend jus went there, and fb's littered with her foto's.... especially a certain fort there

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Glad to know that you have found the elusive flavored fag.
Being a non-smoker that is quite an achievement.
Wonder how you remain a non-smoker and a non-teetotaler....amazing achievement.

clueless comrades said...

Abhay~ Ive started working.. :(

Avaran~ Tis a lovely place.

Sujoy~ Non-teetotaller is easy.